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Malaysian hair weave is the best hair for you

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Most people want to look good, but they hardly know where to shop for the best accessories for acquiring that stunning look that will keep heads turning in their direction when they walk into any event or along the road. Women of class who know what it means to stand out from every crowd make no mistake when they go shopping for their natural human hairs-they go for Malaysian natural human hair. If you have been searching for the best quality natural hair to bring out the beauty in you, Malaysian hair weave is the best hair for you Women of class who know a quality human hair when they see one go for Malaysian natural human hairs.

There are several hair weaves in the market today no doubts about that, but the important thing is to go for the best at all times. Malaysian Hair Weave is all you need to have all your dreams of becoming a beauty queen come true without spending all your savings. Most people spend all their savings trying to look good, yet they are not able to attain the type of beauty they crave. Malaysian hair weave comes with several unique features that make you stand you out from every crowd you walk into. If you want to get good value for your money when next you shop for natural hair weaves, make sure you insist on getting Malaysian hair weave. What makes Malaysian hair weaves better than others?

Below are some reasons why you should always go for Malaysian hair weaves:
Malaysian Hair WeaveTop Quality. It is not just about getting a new natural hair weave, it is more about getting a hair weave that will give your hair the touch of beauty you have always desired and at the same time give you good value for your money. Our hair weave come in the best possible quality, which ensures you enjoy your beautiful. Malaysian hair for as long as you wish to keep it. One great thing about our hair weaves is that whenever you bring them out and give them a little brushing and smoothing, they always appear like you just got them off the beauty shop.

Variety. Whoever said variety is the spice of life couldn’t have said it better. Malaysian hair weaves come in different colors, textures, lengths and sizes which enables you make choices that suit your specific requirements. A visit to our online shop will help you appreciate the array of beautiful weaves we have for you.

Durability. Women who use Malaysian hair weaves never go for another because they know buying Malaysian hair weaves comes with that peace of mind you experience when you know you have the best beauty accessory, which means you won’t have to bother about raising money to replace your weaves every few days. Our Malaysian hair weaves are selected from the best hair collections to ensure it can resist breakages during combing. What is the use buying a long human hair that won’t be able to withstand a little pressure without breaking?

Affordability. Most people would think that our hair weaves must come with high price tags judging from their unique quality, beauty and durability. This is the best deal you can get when it comes to buying beautiful natural hair weaves. It is an all in one package where you get the best quality hair weave at affordable rates. No matter the size of your makeover budgets and fantasies, we have the wide range of products you can choose from to match your taste and budget.

natural hair

100% Natural. This is perhaps the most important feature about the Malaysian hair weaves. They are 100% natural without any synthetic or processed part added to them. If what you need is a natural human hair, you need to shop for Malaysian human hair without delays.

If you have not used Malaysian hair weave before now, you may not understand fully what it means to wear one. Our hair weaves transform people into instant beauty queens and celebrities. So let our beautiful and unique hair weaves crown you the new beauty queen every cute dude would want to hang out with and drive around town. Go for beauty, go for quality, go for durability, go for affordability, go for nature, go for Malaysian hair weave.

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Board games in a party? Maybe Mancala!

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different Board gamesBoard games are timeless. They have been a part of human civilization since primitive times. The earliest board game found dates back to 3100 BC, Egypt. Board games vary from simple chance based ones like Snakes and Ladders to complex strategic ones like Chess. So, what board game would one play in a party? Something rather fun and simple. One which does not require a lot of brainstorming and isn’t purely chance either. I would say Mancala.

Mancala is not exactly a board game in itself but a category of board games with a common rule or game play. Boards vary from region to region and also based on number of players. So, one has plenty of options to choose from.

Mancala is an Arabic word meaning “to sow”. So one can assume it originated there and has existed in that region since times unknown. It is heavily popular in Africa and Middle East where it has been played for thousands of years. The earliest Mancala board found was in Ethiopia, dating back to 6th-7th century AD So what is this game about? The board typically consists of two or four rows of holes often called “pits” and can be played with anything that suits you, beans, pebbles, seeds, marbles and so on. In a party I would say marbles would be quite suitable. Well, marbles look pretty fancy to go along with a party ambience. The board can either be bought or made out of egg cartons by decorating them in vibrant colours.
Today,most modern versions of the game has two rows, one for each player, with six holes in each. So, how does one play a two row Mancala? Sticking to marbles here, every pit is filled with a specific number of marbles, generally four or five. In a turn, a player takes all the marbles from a pit and sequentially(counter-clockwise) places one in each of the following pits. Depending on the state of the board, this may or may not lead to the capturing of opponent’s marbles. At the end of each row, there is a comparatively large seventh pit or “store” (any sort of bowl does well in case of an egg carton board) and once a player drops his last marble in the large pit at the end of his row, it becomes inactive and can no longer be played. If the last marble reaches the opponent’s store, that store is skipped. The objective is to capture more marbles than the opponent. Simply put, to have more marbles in the store than the opponent at the end of the game.

So, the only thing left to know is how to capture one’s opponent’s marbles and how the game ends. Given the magnitude of this game, capturing rules vary largely. The widely accepted version is that of “empty pit” If a player drops his last marble in an empty pit, he captures all the marbles of the opponent in the pit adjacent to it. The captured marbles goes to the player’s store. The game ends when one player’s row is completely empty and this rule is universal. The remaining marbles in the opponent’s row goes to his store. The player having more marbles in his store wins. Happy partying! Happy playing!

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A thought of the makeup dancing party

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What comes to mind when you think of a makeup dancing party? its kind of like two things in one like a party where people experiment with make up and at the same time experiment with the dress code, it sounds like an interesting party by the way, that i would like to know more about.Well, i once heard of a makeup party through a friend of mine and the way she talked about it seemed like a very nice group and my curiosity got the best of me that i decided to join and try, what have i got to loose. The meetings that they have are so enjoyable, fun and also very memorable. People are friendly, you get to express yourself in ways you could never imagine to do, they offer advice in a very compassionate way and help you to be free with your mind, body which i really enjoy. It is a kind of gathering that is very unique and not something that you get to experience any day. I also got to go to one of the parties they hosted and it was out of this world, nothing that you can ever imagine happening in your entire life. The party had no dress code, just wear what you feel like which to me was very interesting since am used to a theme or dress code that usually easier for one to know what to wear.

So i decided to go as a high school cheerleader with less makeup not that anyone went with a high school theme like i did. There was a guy who wore Prince outfit, may he rest in peace and applied makeup which made him look like Boy George, the musician. So he had on two different types of personalities. It was kinda hard to get why he would go for such a dress code but it worked for him. He was confident plus he got alot of stares from people like they were wondering what was he thinking when he decided to go with that attire? was he high?The group is a lovely one, people get to experiment and go wild with thoughts of what to do with their bodies and its like they love that, that they can do what they want, they can explore different things. I noticed in the party i went to a lady who decided to go all the way with make up and dressing, it was really hard to understand what she going for or what she was thinking but the funny thing is she really didn’t care what people thought, from the look on her face, she was confident, happy and that explains why she also got a lot of stares. I wish there was a contest for best dressed or rather for the person who went overboard with their style, the judges would have one hell of a time.

The thing is, its good to have something new that people aren’t used to, like a change of scenery, it makes it even fun and exciting to others to try something new. Imagine being in such a party that you have never been to or even thought about, wouldn’t it be so exciting and mind blowing to even think about? A change of scenery never hurt anyone and i think its a good idea to try it, life is too short.


I would definitely want to start a group, not like this one but with the same meaning and experience, where you can do what you like or choose what you want to do. It would be exciting and people would be curious as to why you would start such a group to an extent they would like to know more and its a change from what everyone is used to.

Its good to get out of our comfort zone once in awhile and try something new, you can learn a lot of things that you never imagined knowing and even though you might not adapt well at first, after some time it will be worth it, wouldn’t that be nice? That’s what i learned from this group, its good to have some change once in while instead of the same old usual thing.

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Enhance your Crowning Glory with a Brazilian Hair wigs

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If you are deciding on enhancing you crowning glory, Brazilian Hair the best choice. Brazilian hair is the most popular hair wigs in the market right now because of its luxurious texture, softness, and durability. It is also versatile so it’s easy to blend with most ethnicity, from Caucasian to African-American. It comes in various patterns, from straight, to wavy, to curly and they are naturally dense. When talking about hair wigs, there are various products you can choose from. Primarily, there are synthetic hair wigs and natural hair wigs.

Synthetic hair wigs are made from keratin or plastic that mimics the texture and color of the human hair. This kind of wigs are good imitations of the human hair but it lack some of the features of the natural hair. It could easily go frizzy compared to the human hair. Natural hair wigs are real human hair that usually comes from Brazil, India, and Malaysia, Peru, Cambodia, Philippines, among others.

The most sought after hair wigs are Brazilian, Indian, and Malaysian.
Indian hair wigs are mostly donated from various Hindu temples in India. In the Hindu culture, young men and women shave their hairs without any chemical process. This gesture of shaving their hair is a sign of their devotion to their religion. Although it has comparable quality with the Brazilian hair, the Indian hair wigs is usually a mix of different human hairs.
The Malaysian hair wigs are also highly sold in the market. Asian hair is naturally black and straight. So if you are opting for a wavy or curly hair, Asian hair might not provide you with that.
Brazilian hair wigs is the most versatile among the two. It could hold curls longer than the Indian and Asian hair wigs. The straight Brazilian wigs is also unlike the Asian hair that falls wire-straight. The Brazilian straight usually has light waves at the tip.

Thus, my best advice is for you put on Brazilian Hair. You can opt for a clip-in hair wigs or a fusion hair wigs. Clip-in is temporary and you can easily remove it right after using it. Fusion, on the hand lasts longer in the hair. Before purchasing your wigs, you need to identify your hair color and get an wigs that best matches it. There are available products online or at the salon but be very vigilant in choosing the right one. Always check the texture, the density, and the quality of the product. You also need to decide on the length of the hair you will buy. Check yourself in the mirror and see how an wigs would not look fake. Avoid an obvious difference between your hair and the wigs. Six to eight inches of wigs is very ideal.

hair wigsHere are some useful tips in installing a clip-in Brazilian hair wigs.
When you already have with you your Brazilian clip-in hair wigs and ready to install it, the first thing to do is to section your hair. Pull a section of your hair on top of your head and tie it with a ponytail while you clip the hair wigs weft from the hair that is hanging loose. As you add more wigs, keep letting some of your hair down from the pony tail. Once you have successfully installed your wigs, tease your hair so it would gain volume at the base of the hair strands. Be sure that your wigs is balanced all throughout your hair so it won’t look dramatically fake. But try to make it not look like it’s perfectly lined-up. It would also look fake that way.

For the Fusion hair wigs, you need to clarify your hair with shampoo to clean the build-up residue on your hair and scalp that might prevent the wigs from attaching to your hair. Be sure to not use hair conditioner because this could add up to the residue you just removed.

Dry your hair completely or the glue from the wigs would not stick to your hair.
After drying, divide your hair into sections. Use of cardstock so your scalp won’t get burned. A three-inch diameter cardstock is good. Cut a hole at the center of the cardstock. The center hole will accommodate the amount of hair you will need to glue your hair wigs.

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Play Flying Cup Stacking

Written on April 25, 2016   By   in Flying Cup Stacking

Flying cup stacking is an interesting hand game where participants attempt to stack plastic cups in certain arrangements in as little time as possible. As a pastime, the game helps children develop their brain-hand coordination and improves logical thinking. Adults can release stress and pressure by playing cup stacking.

When it became popular
Wayne Godinet, a physical exercise trainer developed the idea while training children in 1981 _ He observed that they were bored with conventional games. Although his idea used paper cups, children liked the game. The Tonight Show featured participants in 1990, further popularizing flying cup stacking in the United tates_ In 1996, Bob Fox adopted the idea and hosted a national cup stacking championship Individuals as well as teams can play the sport. It has become so popular that there is a world governing body, World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA)_ Using specially designed cups, players construct pyramids typically with 3, 6, and 10 cups.

Design of equipment
The cups for official flying cup stacking come with a special design to avoid sticking together. At the same time, the design helps players move faster. Most cups come without tops to prevent air resistance. In official tournaments, a sensitive gadget called stack mat is used for timing purposes. It can also be used when training. Learners can use special weighted cups so that the actual game cups feel lighter.

How to play flying cup stacking
The WSSA has a rulebook describing the rules and procedures of playing. The basic 3-3-3 sequence uses nine cups (three sets with three cups each). You need to stack the three sets from right to left or vice versa and then stack back down to their original positions. An intermediate 3-6-3 sequence uses 12 cups and is similar to the 3-3-3 except that a six-stack substitutes the three-stack in the middle of the pack. Cycle is a more complex sequence as it uses 12 cups. One rule of all sequences when playing flying cup stacking says that you should not up-stack two pyramids concurrently. However, you can correct a fumble immediately if a cup falls off the stack.

Categories of playing cup stacking
The WSSA approved tournaments have three main categories- individual, doubles, and relay. Under the individual category, you have two warm-up exercises followed by three timed tries per sequence. Referees then record the duration and compare it to other participants. If there is a tie, they use second-best times. Just as the doubles category suggests, two participants face off in a session. They stand side-by-side with each one using either his left or right hand. The rules of playing an individual flying cup stacking apply here as Under the relay category, four participant stack at a table in turns. They switch when a competitor surpasses a predetermined foul line with one foot. A line judge determines whether participants follow these rules.

Sports health specialists state that ardent participants of this sport develop exceptional hand-eye coordination and cooperation. In 2004, the Perceptual & Motor Skills Journal published that hand-eye coordination improves by 30 percent. For this reason, schools and centers for development target children in playing cup stacking games. Health and exercise experts confirm this suggestion, saying that both hemispheres of the brain can improve. For example, a right-handed participant improves his left brain hemisphere while a left-handed player enhances the right brain hemisphere. For this reason, you can increase the power of the brain by playing flying cup stacking with both hands interchangeably. A different study by the State Department of New York observes that speed cup stacking enhances a person’s reaction time. This is especially true for young adults of either gender. This revelation also enriches the belief that flying cup stacking improves the comprehension of middle-grade learners.

Playing protocol
There are specific protocols for playing professional fly cup stacking. For example, participants should only use industry-approved stacking cups and approved device for timing purposes. The play must be recorded on video so that judges can verify. Professional competition must use at least 3 judges where one is designated as head judge. Judges should not be a family member or the instructor of any competitor. All 3 judges confer and make a decision after each participant makes a try. They should use color-coded cards-green for clean run, yellow for immediate review and red for decline.

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Hosting a wine and cheer together

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Setting up a party is one of the typical things that are being done amid extraordinary events. For people who are incidental consumers, a wine and cheddar party is one extraordinary method for commending an event. It is one of a kind method for arranging a party. In a wine and cheddar party, people can get together exceptionally well and converse with each other in regards to a few subjects. It just requires a base exertion in arranging this sort of party. Much the same as whatever other gatherings, the main thing that you ought to consider while setting up a wine and cheddar party is the topic.
wineThe topic can be construct depending in light of the event that you are celebrating. Case in point, if you are setting up a party for the birthday of a relative, then the topic ought to likewise be founded on any semblance of the birthday celebrant. If you are setting up a wine and cheddar party on vacations or Christmas season, then the topic ought to likewise be identified with Christmas. If it is a marriage or wedding shower, then you ought to likewise discover a subject that fits the event. With regards to dating, hosting a wine and cheer together is additionally a smart thought. Obviously, the subject ought to likewise be sentimental.

Maybe, picking a topic is the main difficult piece of arranging this sort of party as everything will soon take after effectively once you have officially chosen what subject to utilize. It is additionally a bit much for the party hurler or coordinator to truly have a wide information about the different sorts of wines accessible. You just need to know the sorts of wines that fit the sorts of cheddar and everything will go easily. Not at all like some other party, a wine and cheddar party should be possible in basic, yet exquisite ways. Only a couple of flower adornments, white table material, and a couple candles will as of now work for this sort of party. Generally, white-shaded candles are the ones being utilized for gatherings as it can be coordinated with any sort of topic. For the individuals who need the party to wind up more sentimental, then take a stab at utilizing red hued candles.

Since it is a wine and cheddar party, then you can pick whether to serve red or white wine or even both Serving both sorts of wine would give your visitors an alternative on what sort of wine to drink. Bundles and extra plans ought to likewise be accommodated the party. Wafers and breads ought to likewise be available as there are a few people who affection to eat different sorts of nourishments at once while chatting with other people. What’s more, keep in mind to serve your visitors with a few treats. Never forget that this sort of party ought to be rich, yet not all that much. See to it that your visitor will love the party and keep the recollections of it for eternity.
different wineYou are occupied with finding out about wine tasting. You have many companions who have raved about different wines. Where do you begin? Simply, you begin with the primary glass. Wine tasting is an ordeal. Here are a couple of simple strides to make upgrade your wine tasting experience. Tasting wine is about knowing the wine. Remember that wine has a one of a kind taste, and every wine has its own special attributes. Wine can be exceptionally rich and complex, and keeping in mind the end goal to completely welcome it, you have to taste it legitimately. The genuine embodiment of wine tasting is to have the capacity to identify the wine and get its actual flavor. Each wine is different in flavor. The nuts and bolts of wine tasting are simple. You needn’t bother with any formal preparing and anybody can appreciate the experience. Continuously ensure that you have room temperature water, keeping in mind the end goal to purify your bed in the middle of tasting every wine. Wine ought to be served in a stem glass. Along these lines, you can hold the glass by the stem, while wine tasting. You need to abstain from holding the glass by the palm of your hand. In many cases, this can warm up the wine and change the example.

Begin by taking a gander at the shade of the wine. The stemmed glasses ought to dependably be perfect and clear, with the goal you should see the wine and have the capacity to take a gander at it dispassionately. While taking a gander at the wine, remember that you will see many different hues. Not all wines are really red or white. Red isn’t generally an impeccable red. More seasoned reds have a tendency to be somewhat lighter in shading. White wines may have a yellow, green or even cocoa tinge. While taking a gander at the shading, attempt and have a white foundation.

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